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Lady Jewel's Hair Garlands

Silk flower hair garlands & fairy wings for all occasions!


I make a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular products are shown below.

Green & White Garland

White silk flower garland with green leaf, ribbons

Red & Black Garland

Red with black silk flower garland, ribbons

Spring Time Garland

Choose from pink, white, blue, lavendar, yellow, red, purple, silk flowers garland with matching ribbon. Price depends on complexity and number of colors

Wedding Style Garland

Silk flower garland, you pick color flower and ribbons. Email for options, [email protected]

Large Wedding Bouquet

White silk floLarge measures 2-3 feet long, to lay in the arms with ribbons. You choose colors. Email [email protected] for details.wer garland with green leaf, ribbons

Medium Wedding Bouquet

Measures 1-2 feet long, to be carried in hands, ribbons. You choose colors. Email [email protected] for details.


Silk flowers, choose color & ribbon


Small wreaths with silk flower and ribbons. Choose color. Price is each.

Small Wings

Perfect for the infant to 3 year old

Medium Wings

White silk flower garland with green leaf, ribbons

Large Wings

Perfect for the teenager to adult

Large Wings

Tips of wings are pinched


Make of Tule, Ties in back,

Hair Clips

Feather clips

Butterfly Nets

Large: 4 feet long; Small: 2 feet long

Garland/Wing Set

Turn any garland and wings into a set!